Regional Testing Day is commemorated ever year in the Caribbean, this year being the 10th year. In Jamaica, the collaboration among the National Family Planning Board – Sexual and Reproductive Health Agency, Scotiabank, the Caribbean Media Alliance and PANCAP organised testing sites in each region: St. James, Manchester, St. Ann and Kingston. See photos below from the Kingston site – Mandela Park in Half Way Tree.

IMG_1400 IMG_1409 IMG_1412 IMG_1417 IMG_1429 IMG_1456 IMG_1467 IMG_1488 IMG_1500 IMG_1502 IMG_1506 IMG_1512 IMG_1521 IMG_1527 IMG_1544 IMG_1554 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1562 IMG_1564 IMG_1565 IMG_1569 IMG_1573

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