Integration of the National HIV/STI Programme with the Family Planning Programme

The Board remains committed and has been working assiduously in fiscal year 2012 to 2013 to meet and facilitate the MoH’s Operational Plan objectives of maintaining a healthy and stable population, strengthening the health promotion approach and strengthening and emphasising the primary health care approach. Most pronounced in this plan is the integration of the National HIV/STI Programme with the NFPB. Through the guidance of these indicators and the impending integration of the HIV/STI programme and the Family Planning Programme, a Sexual and Reproductive Health ‘Authority’ of Jamaica will be created. Key reasons for the integration of the NHP with the NFPB are:

  • It reflects a global move to combine sexual and reproductive health policy and programming in a single government authority, having board-level inputs from wider stakeholders.
  • It benefits from existing synergies in the health education, behaviour modification, prevention and promotional mandates of the NFPB and the National HIV Programme.  This should result in improved efficiency and the reduction of human and financial resources required to achieve existing targets.
  • It improves the capacity of the National HIV Programme to attract grant funding and international development assistance, as it provides a more optimal governance framework within which projects can be financed and monitored.


Other benefits to include:

  • Improved access to and uptake of key HIV and SRH services;
  •  Better access of people living with HIV to SRH services tailored to their needs;
  • Reduction in HIV-related stigma and discrimination;
  •  Improved coverage of underserved/vulnerable/key populations;
  •  Greater support for dual protection;
  •  Improved quality of care;
  •  Decreased duplication of efforts and competition for scarce resources;
  •  Better understanding and protection of individuals’ rights;
  •  Mutually reinforcing complementarities in legal and policy frameworks;
  •  Enhanced programme effectiveness and efficiency, and
  •  Better utilisation of scarce human resources for health.