The NFPB’s Father Of The Year Award Results Are In!

The National Family Planning Board (NFPB) in recognising the importance of fathers and their role in parenting chose these men as the focus of one of its main activities for this year. This two-fold father’s day event entailed a fitness … Continued

Family Planning’s Director Assesses Majesty Gardens Dilemma

Director of the National Family Planning Board, Dr. Olivia McDonald visited Majesty Gardens Monday, May 7, following a television news report wherein a mother of nine (9) bashed the use of contraceptives. The visit was to assess the availability of … Continued

Teen Pregnancy: Not Just A Female Dilemma

Teenage pregnancy is one of the most troubling adolescent sexual and reproductive health concerns in Jamaica. However, most research on the issue focus more heavily on the females than the males. According to the National Family Planning Board’s (NFPB) 2008 … Continued

Contraceptive use in Jamaica

It was the ancient Greeks who research suggests, first realized that male and female union caused pregnancy.  Since then, a number of methods have been used with varying degrees of success. Before the Industrial Revolution, birth control devices in America … Continued

How Important is Your Sexuality to You?

In today’s “health conscious” society, a healthy lifestyle is often measured by body mass and size. However, if we think long and hard, the most critical could very well be one’s sexual and reproductive health. So, how important is it … Continued

The History of Family Planning in Jamaica

Independence is an epic moment in history that deserves national attention; but 50 years long, deserves salutation. 2012 will remain a momentous year for Jamaica as our nationals, locally and internationally, celebrate its 50th year of independence. The National Family … Continued

Family Planning Saves Lives

Did you know that of the 1.8 billion young people in the world today, about half survive on less than US$2 a day, while more than 100 million adolescents do not attend schools? Records reveal that worldwide, 16 million adolescent … Continued

Teaching adolescents decision making skills

A great number of us can recall someone in our immediate circle – schoolmate, neighbour, mere acquaintance – whose adolescent years were short-lived as their risky behaviours resulted in them becoming parents at an early age.  It would not be … Continued

Contraceptive Security a Global Concern Notes From NFPB’s Head

“Public Health Challenges: impact on Jamaica, the Caribbean and the World”, this was the theme for the Second International Public Health Conference held June 7-10; hosted by the University of Technology. Followed by the theme was the pertinent question, “Are … Continued